About Our Company

About Blue Wing

Blue Wing Properties was founded based on the goal to become the highest quality, most authentic option for people looking to sell or invest in unique real estate. With our collective backgrounds in brokerage, land management, guiding, writing, biology, and business, Blue Wing began to grow, one person and one place at a time.

Today, with experienced brokers, company operators, and marketing professionals on board, Blue Wing is as evolved as it is unchanged. Our growing team brings the same philosophies, ethics, and roots to the table – qualities like honesty, putting our clients first, creativity, drive, local knowledge, and legitimate experience in this niche.
We pride ourselves in understanding what sellers and investors need and seek. We relate, first-hand, to the unmatched experience of finding, owning, cultivating, and loving a place of your own. We fully understand not just the desire, but the intrinsic need to get away, to find peace, to hunt, grow, harvest, share, and observe in a wilder space.
South Carolina and North Carolina Land Sales Agency

Meet the Blue Wing Team

Douglas Cutting, Blue Wing Properties

Douglas Cutting

Broker-in-Charge, Founder

Mark Clement

Broker, Founder

Jon Wood

Broker, Operations
Tyler Stone, Blue Wing Properties

Tyler Stone

Broker, Land Design


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