Buyer Agency

Our philosophy is just as much about the people as it is the land – the Zen of connecting serious buyers with well-vetted properties. On one hand, we are presenting the coolest spots in that rural world. At the same time, we want buyers and buyer agents to have a voice; to dig deeper into hidden markets and make connections that, thus far, have not been tendered.

Active buyers are simply invaluable, and their path to the market – and ultimately to the best property – is often a tenuous, unpredictable one.

Purchasing rural land is as much emotional investment as it is business transaction. So many factors play into the decision. We make a point to study and vet every property on the market and uncover off-market tracts. We try to simplify the process while leaving no stone unturned. We know where the good tracts are and how to buy them, and we want the opportunity to represent you.

Some important considerations when purchasing property:

  • What is your basic budget?
  • As it relates to where you live, wildlife corridors (duck flyways, etc), the human surroundings (hunting pressure, residential houses).
  • How much land do you need? How much do you want to manage?
  • How valuable is the property today to you and/or to the next buyer?
  • Income potential. Timber, agriculture, dirt, leasing, conservation easements.
  • Specific wildlife needs and highlights. Food plots, dove fields, hardwood drains, duck ponds, management level.
  • Soil types. Sandy, loamy, mucky? Good for timber, agriculture, duck impoundment?
  • Is there a dwelling or a place to build one? Consider water, power, septic and costs associated with all.
  • Road system. Can you navigate the property?
  • Water source. Is there a pond, creek, river nearby?