Listing Agency

At Blue Wing, we believe in a strong, authentic sense of place and an inherent responsibility to the natural world.  Our duty is to recognize that inviolate “thing” in each tract on our platform. Our task is to show that the highest and best use of these particular sporting properties is continuity – through preservation, enhancement, conservation, and responsible use. Development is an inevitable part of our world, but we don’t forget the need for wild places.

We are boots-on-the-ground, hands-on brokers and managers of land. We feel like our job, at the end of the day, is to represent good ground; and on that ground, the qualified steward who will tend, grow, pursue, and ultimately harvest something. That harvest may be literal or figurative, gustatory and consumed or simply a great moment etched in memory around a good fire.

We also believe in the transparency of property.  Quite frankly, the tract should sell itself to the right buyer. Our job is to present the land to the investor, best foot forward. Print and Internet advertising, when apt, is part of the repertoire. But land embellishment is not our game.